asbestos removal

1st Choice Complete House Asbestos Removal

We recently completed a large asbestos removal job in Sydney whereby the two properties were side by side.

Our team of asbestos removal professionals completed the entire job in 2 days, leaving the property developer / builder free to begin new construction on the site.

We are very proud of the work our asbestos removal team did to completely remove every piece and maintain site safety throughout.


Asbestos Ceiling


Certain types of ceilings can also contain asbestos material and requires professional removal.

Complete ceiling removal

Asbestos Ceiling Removal


Some homes still have asbestos ceilings which need to be removed.

Asbestos Ceiling Removed

Complete removal of asbestos ceilings can be completed without disturbing any other areas in the property.

Bathroom Tiles Asbestos


Old Bathroom with Asbestos

The bathroom with tiles had to be stripped back and cleaned before a renovation.

Complete bathroom tiles removed

Kitchen with Asbestos Walls Removed

Residential Kitchen Removal

Old Kitchen with Asbestos walls

The kitchen was quite old and the internal walls also contained asbestos material.

Complete Kitchen Removal and Asbestos Wall Stripped out

Our staff can completely remove the old kitchen, cupboards and benches.  This is in addition to the asbestos walls.

Asbestos Garage

Asbestos Garage Roof Removal

Asbestos Garage Roof and Walls Removal

Asbestos Inspection prior to the work.

Garage Frame in tact

Our professionals ensure the framework remains in tact so you can simply add new asbestos free cladding walls.

Asbestos Sheet Roofing Removed

Asbestos Sheet Roof Removal

Onsite Inspection

A full inspection of the site and requirements is done to prepare and ensure the safety of everyone.

Work is completed within 3 days

After completing the work the site is cleaned and all rubbish and materials removed.

Asbestos Garage

Asbestos Garages

Complete Strip of Asbestos Garage

Complete removal of asbestos walls and roofing.

Ready for new walls

Bare Walls

Asbestos Roof Removal

Asbestos Sheet Roofing

Onsite Inspection


Our staff completed a full inspection of the site and prepared everything to get started upon the asbestos removal quote being accepted.