Residential Asbestos Removal

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Roof cavity

  • Friable asbestos in roof cavity

This particular site had Friable Asbestos found within the roof cavity. Friable asbestos requires a specific licence for professional removal due to the nature of the asbestos fibres.

Garage Asbestos Removal

  • Super 6
  • Roofing and Wall Linings

The residential project at Fairfield consists of bonded Asbestos Removal of Super 6 asbestos Roof sheeting & asbestos Wall linings removed from a garage as part of the house renovation. The remediation process included:

  • Spray all asbestos materials with PVA glue prior to removal
  • Erect signage & isolate the work area with fence and barricades
  • Plastic up the area, set up decontamination area
  • Place 1st Aid, Low Voltage Kit & Defibrillator near work area
  • Line up truck for disposal of asbestos waste
  • Removal of Asbestos Materials
  • Loading of Asbestos Waste for appropriate disposal at a certified landfill
  • Vacuuming of the internal areas with HEPA vacuum
  • De-nail of timbers and encapsulation of the timbers with PVA Glue solution to guarantee a contamination free site.

Bathrooms & Ensuites

  • Bathroom walls and floor

A small bathroom with asbestos walls and tiles required the team.


  • Full disassembly of roof
  • Asbestos cleanup and removal
  • Roof reassembly

Complete teardown of residential roof, asbestos removal and rebuild.

Kitchens & Laundries

  • Kitchen walls and floor

This house was built around 1970. This type of construction and material was typical in this era. Bonded asbestos walls and tiles present.

All areas are covered and taped to ensure fibres do not escape the workzone.

Flooring & Vinyl Tiles

  • Bathrooms
  • Wet Areas

1st Choice Asbestos will Safely Remove & Dispose of Compressed Floor Sheets or Vinyl Tiles from all internal areas. The site will be cleaned and decontaminated for your safety.


  • Residential Housing Eaves

We also remove asbestos eaves.

External Asbestos Cladding

  • External cladding on two storey house

Located in rural NSW, this residential property required a complete strip of the external cladding.


  • Residential Garage constructed around 1980

This job was at a residential site whereby the owner had an old timber shed with bonded asbestos which required removal.

Once the job was completed, materials were bagged and tape for safe removal and disposal.

Garage Roofing

  • Bonded Asbestos
  • Roof Sheeting
  • Old Garage with Asbestos

Our recent project involved the professional removal and disposal of bonded asbestos roofing sheets from a garage at a residence in Kingsgrove. We adhered to strict safety and environmental protocols throughout the process, which included:

  • Official notifications to SafeWork and nearby residents.
  • Comprehensive site preparation, including fencing, signage, and the creation of a decontamination area.
  • Application of PVA glue to asbestos materials before removal to prevent fibre dispersal.
  • Safe disposal of asbestos waste at a certified landfill, followed by site clean-up and timber decontamination.
  • Issuance of a clearance certificate by an independent assessor, confirming a contamination-free site.

Our commitment to safety and compliance with regulations ensured the successful completion of this project, safeguarding both our team and the community.