Garage Roofing

  • Bonded Asbestos
  • Roof Sheeting
  • Old Garage with Asbestos

Our recent project involved the professional removal and disposal of bonded asbestos roofing sheets from a garage at a residence in Kingsgrove. We adhered to strict safety and environmental protocols throughout the process, which included:

  • Official notifications to SafeWork and nearby residents.
  • Comprehensive site preparation, including fencing, signage, and the creation of a decontamination area.
  • Application of PVA glue to asbestos materials before removal to prevent fibre dispersal.
  • Safe disposal of asbestos waste at a certified landfill, followed by site clean-up and timber decontamination.
  • Issuance of a clearance certificate by an independent assessor, confirming a contamination-free site.

Our commitment to safety and compliance with regulations ensured the successful completion of this project, safeguarding both our team and the community.