How do I know if it’s Asbestos?

Unless your an expert it can be very difficult to identify asbestos materials in your house whether it’s asbestos roofing, walls or other areas, particularly just by looking at it. There are some signs though which can help you determine if there is a risk at hand which requires further investigation.

The basic ‘rules of thumb’ for most properties are as follows:

Built pre-1980’s then it is very likely there would be materials containing asbestos.
Built between 1980 and 1990 it is still likely there would be asbestos materials present.
After 1990 it is unlikely to have material containing asbestos.
These are only general rules though and we would always take the position that if you aren’t sure to take the side of caution and assume it does. Whether you know or are unsure of the precence of asbestos you can give us a call or fill in our online quote form and we will help assist you with the issue. Our staff are fully qualified and trained professionals in asbestos removal, so in order to keep you and your family safe it is best to contact us.