Can I remove Asbestos myself?

You may have wondered if you are able to just remove the asbestos yourself?

The answer is both yes and no… The law restricts personal removal meaning, if it is no more than 10 square metres of bonded material in the form of asbestos sheets, fibro, AC sheeting or roofing material. If you are going to attempt your own removal then you must take special care in regard to your personal safety and others in the near vicinity and neighbouring areas.

There are specific guidelines you should research and follow before undertaking the work even in small areas and we would strongly recommend you seek professional advice first. Precautions need to be taken during removal, appropriate equipment should be used including personal protection and breathing apparatus. Failure to adhere to safety guidelines risks the health and safety of you and others and is simply irresponsible and potentially illegal.

If you are in any doubt irrespective of the amount of asbestos involved, we would strongly advise you give us a call or fill in our online query. We are licensed professionals who have been doing this for years, 1st Choice Asbestos Removal can take care of everything from removal, storage, transport and disposal.

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