Removal of Bonded Asbestos at Sutherland Hospital

  • Large Community Hospital Site

The project completed at Sutherland Hospital consists of the Removal of Asbestos bonded Eave sheets from all sides of South Care Building to remove all asbestos containing material (ACM) from the building.

The remediation process included:

  • Notification to Safework
  • Letter to notify neighbours
  • Spray all asbestos materials with PVA glue prior to removal
  • Erect signage & isolate the work area with fence and barricades
  • Air Monitoring for the duration of removal
  • Plastic up the work area & scaffold
  • Set up decontamination area
  • Place 1st Aid, Low Voltage Kit & Defibrillator near work area
  • Line up truck for disosal of asbestos waste
  • Removal of Asbestos Materials
  • Loading of Asbestos Waste for appropriate disposal at a certified landfill
  • De-nail of timbers and encapsulation of the timbers with PVA Glue solution to guarantee a contamination free site
  • Clean up external areas
  • Clearance certificate issued by independent Assessor at the completion of removal