Need Asbestos Removed and reside on the Central Coast?  Contact the experts, we will come to you and remove the danger from the area. Asbestos fibres can be extremely harmful for you and your family, especially when it has begun to crumble, fray, tear or become brittle.

For asbestos removal on the Central Coast, contact a certified asbestos removal company – 1st Choice Asbestos – the most reliable asbestos removal company.  Asbestos removal can be dangerous if not performed by a certified asbestos removal company, if you have any doubts or questions then contact us.  We will attend to your asbestos removal requirements quickly and safely, and will dispose of all the materials in accordance to statutory requirements. We utilise our own licensed trucks to dispose of the asbestos. We are self sufficient with respect to all of our equipment required to undertake the asbestos removal procedures, which enables us to provide competitive pricing and quotes.

Safe removal of asbestos requires:

  1. Identification and/or Testing for Asbestos
  2. Preparation of the area
  3. Removal, repair, encapsulation or enclosing asbestos product
  4. Disposing the asbestos

We have vast experience in removing residential, commercial and industrial asbestos throughout Sydney and surrounding areas. Our client base includes residential, local government through to state institutions. We take utmost care in our work and conform to all current regulations. Our aim is to maintain a high level of safety and to deal with our clients in an efficient and professional manner. We take pride in a high quality of workmanship.

1st Choice Asbestos is a NSW Work Cover Licensed Asbestos Removal Business. Adhering to the ‘Guide to the control of Asbestos Hazards in Buildings and Structure NOHSC: 3002 (1988) and ‘Code of Practice for the safe Removal of Asbestos NOHSC: 2002 (1988) We also meet the NSW “OHS Act 2000” and “OH&S Regulation 2001” so you can be sure that 1st choice is the right choice for your Asbestos Removal.